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Soft Enamel Pin mockup

This is a mockup (imitation) of a soft enamel badge. Soft enamel pins are the most traditional type of pins. In this mockup, the pins are shown in 7 types - black, bronze, steel, chrome, copper, gold and silver metals. Enamel can be any color or color combination you can imagine. Since they are made by pouring enamel into the grooves of a metal mold, you’ll notice dips between the metal lines on the pin. Soft enamel pins are bumpy and textured to the touch. They allow for a high level of detail and more contrasting designs. So that your presentation is varied and not boring, have been collected 12 high-quality textures. This layout is a great opportunity to showcase your creativity to everyone. 

Great pin starts with a striking design.

Upon purchase Engraved text effect, you will receive a promotional code for a 20% discount on this project.



3508 × 2480 pix (A4)
300 dpi


  • Photorealistic effects;

  • Realistic reflection of shadows and reflexes;

  • Easy editing of enamel fill color;

  • Editing the color of the metal style;

  • Editing the color of the cringle;

  • Editing the color of the clip;

  • Letterpress effect for signature or logo;

  • Silkscreen effect for signature or design;

  • Editing the color and shape of paper, make the form you like;

  • Build your own scene just as you like it;

  • 12 high resolution textures to demonstrate your design;

  • The ability to use your textures in the background;

  • If necessary, you can customize and edit all effects;

  • Smart organized layers;

  • Simple, quick and intuitive editing;

  • Promo code, 10% discount on the project – Vulnerable points of the human body (will be indicated on the check upon purchase).

Compare an example of design before and after. Move the slider.

Doubt your purchase? Try playing the DEMO, it's free. The demo version has limited editing options and no additional effects.

If you are a beginner designer, this is a good way to understand the effects, see how the file is made and structured. Practice creating your own design. The opportunity to learn new chips and secrets for yourself.

For Adobe Photoshop version CC (2015.0.0) and higher.


4 ratings

  • rar = 3 psd + preview + texture + instruction


Soft Enamel Pin mockup

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